An Evening of Play-Reading

Join us for an Evening of Play-Reading

Wednesday 15 May, 7.30pm

SUDS is proposing a very special ‘one night only’ event which will be of interest to all who enjoy drama-related activity.

On Wednesday 15 May, in Rehearsal Room 1 of the Drama Studio, Shearwood Road, we will be holding an evening of readings. It is intended as a social evening : no sets, no (or minimal) ‘acting’ as such, just a friendly gathering to read out and / or listen to short scenes, monologues and similar extracts (prose and poems too, why not?).

The aim is for all to enjoy the pleasure of hearing words coming alive through the voice.

Everyone is welcome. There will be no admission fee (though donations are always appreciated…) Do feel free to bring along something you like or would like to try out, either because you’re keen to read it out yourself or in order to have it read by other actors in the room. We shall have some texts to serve as possible starting-points, so no one need feel obliged to provide material. For those who wish simply to be an ‘audience’ without directly participating, that would be fine too.

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