SUDS 50th Anniversary

As many of you will be aware, we have recently celebrated our 50th anniversary of performing at The University Drama Studio. To commemorate this milestone, we held an exhibition in the foyer of the Drama Studio from 29th June to 2nd July. If you missed it, here are some photos of the exhibition so you can see a glimpse of some of the many plays we’ve done since our first production in 1972. From Shakespeare to French farce, we have done it all and we keep going strong in 2022! 

Special thanks go to Julia Morrison, our Treasurer and Costume Maker who has been with the group from the very beginning! In 1972 she was onstage at the Drama Studio for the first time wearing the costume shown in one of the photos below, which makes her the longest standing active member of the Society. You can see what Julia had to say about her involvement with SUDS in this article in The Star. Big thanks go also to Lesley Cottingham who organised the amazing display to celebrate 50 years of SUDS.

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