Call For Directors

Call For Directors for 2019

The SUDS November 2018 production of The Tempest is now cast and rehearsals have begun. Plans are already afoot for our Spring 2019 production; but SUDS never stands still and NOW we have our eyes on the production scheduled for October / November 2019! (The exact date is yet to be fixed, but we expect it to be last week in October / first in November.)

This is an invitation to all who have an interest in theatre and who would like to direct. Whether or not you’ve directed before, we’d be delighted to hear from you.

SUDS doesn’t insist on any standard model for directing : we’ve had joint directors; director and co-director; director and assistant director. For example, if you’d like to gain experience but don’t yet feel able to take on directing single-handed, this latter pairing would work for you. Or perhaps you’ve had previous experience but would like to set yourself a new challenge. However you envisage it, SUDS provides a wealth of resources and dedicated personnel to help you bring your ideas to fruition onstage.

We are looking for a play proposal with at least 10 speaking characters and with a decent mix of male and female roles – though we encourage gender-blind casting too. Ideally it would be a well-known play that will guarantee us some good audience numbers.

We’re happy to hear from you if there’s one play that you’re burning to direct but it would be good if you could offer us more than so that we can consider our options.

If you think you might be interested but unsure about any elements of the role or your choice of plays, do feel free to contact the Chair of the Society for a chat:

If you are wanting to direct, it would be helpful if you could give us the title and author, the number and gender split of roles, a short idea of why you want to direct it and any production ideas you may have at this very early stage.

We have a very friendly and able membership who will support you through every stage of the production.

To enable us properly to consider all proposals submitted, it would be helpful to get your ideas to us by 31 August 2018.

David Walker, Chair of SUDS

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