Twelfth Night


15 – 18 December 2021

SUDS returned to the stage at last with one of Shakespeareโ€™s most popular plays!

The delights and dangers of desire . . .

Separated from her twin brother after a shipwreck, Viola disguises herself as a young man to enter the service of Duke Orsino, who is in love with Olivia. Viola falls in love with Orsino, but Olivia falls in love with Viola, thinking she is a man.

Riotous comedy, amorous intrigue, mistaken identities and a host of well-loved characters make Twelfth Night one of Shakespeareโ€™s greatest and most popular plays. Ian Gledhill directed Twelfth Night in a production celebrating the return of live theatre and welcoming our audience back to the Drama Studio at last.

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