Macbeth – Character List

Principal Roles

Tormented by the witches’ prophecy and encouraged by his wife, he murders Duncan to become King of Scotland. He then has Banquo murdered to secure his position. Rejected by his former allies, he is finally defeated in battle. His relationship with his wife is central to how we will interpret the play’s themes of ambition, evil and madness.

Lady Macbeth
Macbeth’s wife. Ambitious for her husband to be crowned, she becomes haunted by her role in the murder. Her relationship with Macbeth is central to how we will interpret the play’s main themes.

He leaves Scotland after the murder of Duncan and allies himself with Malcolm, the king’s son. He returns to Scotland and kills Macbeth.

A sympathetic character, he is with Macbeth when the witches make their prophecy. After his murder he returns to haunt Macbeth.

Duncan’s son. Initially suspicious of Macduff’s motives, the two become allies and their army overthrows Macbeth. He becomes king at the end of the play.

From the opening lines of the play their influence drives the plot. The characterisation of the witches will be developed during rehearsals.

Loyal to Duncan and Macbeth, he eventually joins Macbeth’s adversaries.

King of Scotland. He is murdered by Macbeth.

Also initially loyal to Duncan and Macbeth, he joins Macbeth’s adversaries.

Other Roles

Wife of Macduff
Her scene with her children is key to showing how far Macbeth is prepared to go to achieve his ends.

Comic role

Angus / Lord
Thane of Scotland

Commander of the English army.

He witnesses Lady Macbeth’s sleepwalking.

She also witnesses the sleepwalking. She will appear in several scenes.

Has a key speech early in the play reporting on the battle.

Duncan’s younger son and Malcolm’s brother.

Three Murderers
Hired by Macbeth to kill Banquo and Fleance.

Spirits summoned by the witches.

Macduff’s son
A child role. Could be split and played by a boy and a girl.

Old Man
A loyal member of Duncan’s court. He will appear in several scenes.

Thane of Scotland

Thane of Scotland

Macbeth’s servant

Young Seyward
Seyward’s son 

Banquo’s son

Stage combat / sword fighting will be required for the following roles:
Macbeth, Macduff, Banquo, Three Murderers, Young Seyward.
Possibly also for some other roles.

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