Going to Pot

SUDS returns to the stage with a laugh-out-loud French comedy, in a dazzling translation: “Going to Pot” (On Purge Bébé), by Georges Feydeau.

Follavoine, a harassed family man, owns a factory making a special brand of shatter-proof porcelain, and is hoping to secure a massive government contract to supply the military with unbreakable chamber-pots. He has arranged a visit and demonstration for a high-ranking official from the War Ministry. His wife Julie is more concerned about their infant son’s constipation and this makes for several farcical turns of events, as well as strikingly contemporary themes.

Second only to Molière as France’s finest comic dramatist, Feydeau shows at their most frenetic and side-splitting his gifts for sharp dialogue, hilarious characterisation and painfully funny situations.

The play will be performed in the University Drama Studio from 29 June to 2 July 2022.

Tickets are now on sale!
Call 0114 255 3417 or email suds.tickets@gmail.com to get your tickets. There will also be an option to get them at the box office on the day.

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