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Special Audition Call

On the weekend of 14 May 2022 we shall be giving open-air performances, at the Shepherd Wheel in the Porter Valley, of two short plays specially written to commemorate the history of this local landmark: ‘Fight!’, by Jill Wright, and  ‘Remembrance’ by Ian Gledhill.

From 29 June to 2 July 2022 in the University Drama Studio we shall be performing two one-act plays: ‘The Twelve Pound Look’, by J.M. Barrie, and ‘Going to Pot’, by Georges Feydeau.

We shall be holding auditions for BOTH these programmes, in the Drama Studio rehearsal rooms, on the evenings of Wednesday 30th March and Thursday 31st March 2022. (Time and further details t.b.c.) Taken together, these plays provide some 26 varied roles for a wide range of actors. All are welcome. You may wish to participate in both events, with a small role in one and a larger role in the other, for example. You need only attend one audition.

If you have an interest in coming along to audition, we ask that you please let us know AS SOON AS POSSIBLE, and preferably by 25th March, so that we may plan the proceedings. If you need more information, or are interested but can’t make the auditions, please feel free to contact us.

Read on for further details!


‘Fight!’, by Jill Wright. 4F, 4M, 1M child, 1F child

This depicts a situation that actually happened to the grinders at the Wheel in Victorian times. There were other wheels, higher up the Porter Valley, and the grinders there would dam the river in times of little rain, stopping the water getting through to the wheels lower down which meant the men at SW were unable to work. This caused disputes among the grinders, leading to the odd bout of fisticuffs. The play is in rhyming couplets, giving it a flavour of rumbustious folklore.

‘Remembrance’ by Ian Gledhill. 2F, 1M, 2F child

Set at Shepherd Wheel in 1918, the women, young and old, are waiting for the men to return from the war so the Wheel can start turning again. But the sudden arrival of a man has unexpected consequences.

Each play runs for 15 – 20 minutes. 6 rehearsals are anticipated in total – 4 or 5 for each cast member. No more than 2 evenings a week for just 3 weeks (25th April – 12th May). Performances on the weekend of 14 May.


‘The Twelve Pound Look’, by J.M. Barrie.  2M, 2F

Harry Sims is about to receive a knighthood, and while rehearsing for the ceremony with the soon-to-be Lady Sims, he has employed a clerical assistant to type up the replies to the many congratulatory letters he has received.  To Harry’s surprise she turns out to be his divorced first wife, who left him for reasons she is at first reluctant to divulge.

‘Going to Pot,’ by Georges Feydeau.  3M, 3F, 1M child (of any age…)

Follavoine, a harassed family man, owns a factory making a special brand of shatter-proof porcelain, and is hoping to secure a government contract to supply the military with unbreakable chamber-pots. He has arranged a visit and demonstration for the man from the Ministry. His wife Julie is more concerned about their infant son’s constipation and this makes for some farcical turns of events.

Rehearsals (no more than 2 evenings a week ) will run from 25 April to 24 June. Performances Wed-Sat of week beginning 27 June.

Expressions of interest please AS SOON AS POSSIBLE, and preferably by 25th March, to

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