An Evening of Play-Reading

Join us for another evening of online play-reading!

Thursday 8th July at 7.30pm

The Friends of Porter Valley have invited SUDS to put on an open-air production, at Shepherd Wheel, of plays written and first staged by our members in 2009. Jill Wright, author of ‘Fight!’, and Ian Gledhill, author of  ‘Remembrance‘, have agreed to direct another performance of their texts.

No date has yet been fixed for the performance itself, but as a first step, we are planning an exploratory read-through online on Thursday 8 July at 19.30. This is not intended as an audition – just a refresher for those who recall the first performances, and an introduction to the plays for newer members.

As usual, we’ll be gathering via GoogleMeet, and we welcome expressions of interest – to participate or just be audience members. To join us, please send a message to by 30 June. We will then send you a link to the meeting, plus copies of the plays.

Here is some further information, provided by the authors:

‘Fight!’ by Jill Wright

‘Fight’ was written some years ago after an appeal from the Friends of Porter Valley for some outdoor entertainment at the site at Shepherd’s Wheel. It’s a take on a situation that actually happened to the grinders at the Wheel in Victorian times. There were other wheels, higher up the Porter Valley and the grinders there would dam the river in times of little rain, stopping the water getting through to the wheels lower down which meant the men at SW were unable to work. This would have led to disputes among the grinders, leading, no doubt, to the odd bout of fisticuffs. The names in the play are real names of those who worked at the Wheel in those days. I have used rhyming couplets because I like them, they are easy to learn and enhance the ‘silliness’ ! The cast of 10 comprises  5M, 5F, including 2 children – a boy and a girl.

‘Remembrance’ by Ian Gledhill

Set at Shepherd Wheel in 1918, the women, young and old, are waiting for the men to return from the war so the Wheel can start turning again. But the arrival of a young man has unexpected consequences. The cast of five comprises a younger woman (20s – 30s), an older woman, two girls aged about 10 and a young man (20s – 30s). 

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