An Evening of Play-Reading

Join us for an Evening of Play-Reading!

Wednesday 9 September, 7.30pm

You may recall that in May last year we held a get-together – a social evening – hinging on readings from plays. It proved to be very enjoyable and there was support for a repeat event. Given the difficult circumstances we find ourselves in, we can’t access the Drama Studio rehearsal room where we held our readings last time. However, many people have become familiar with Zoom or Google Meet gatherings during lockdown, and we have decided that we will hold a ‘virtual’ play-reading session online! 

We have set a date and time: Wednesday 9 September at 7.30pm.

This is an invitation to all who wish to take part to let us know by sending an email, preferably
31 August, to

As before, there will be no sets, no (or minimal) ‘acting’ as such, just a friendly gathering to read out short scenes, monologues and similar extracts (prose and poems too, why not?). It will simply be an opportunity to enjoy the pleasure of hearing words coming alive through the voice.

We can provide some texts to serve as possible starting-points, so no one need feel obliged to furnish material; but all are encouraged to suggest something they like or would like to try out, either because they’re keen to read it out themselves or in order to have it read by other actors in the ‘room’. And for those who wish simply to be an ‘audience’ without directly participating, that would be fine too.

In the first instance just let us know you wish to take part (indicating whether you wish to read and if possible suggest material for you or someone else). We propose to liaise with all involved to allocate texts, ‘casting’ them as best we can, in advance of the online event itself – with the aim of ensuring that things run smoothly on the night.

We look forward very much to hearing from you!

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